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Mission Statement
HWS is assisting students with information from celebrity role models, and guidance from the motion picture and television industry, to stay in school, keep away from Drugs, Weapons, Gangs, and to succeed in their goals, and their education.

Vision for HWS (Hollywood With Students)
Our challenge at HWS is to help students accomplish their dreams in the motion picture and television industry. Our wish is to help students come return to their community, come back and speak to other students about their struggles and successes in what they majored in, how they became successful, and how much they have accomplished after graduation.

Focus for HWS - Goals and Success at HWS
These are some of the events we have for the year. A black tie award ceremony banquet with successful celebrities to interact with our honor students. They will be given awards for their achievement with a Golden Spirit award for doing well in different areas, and for their education progress of excellence. We are giving the students scholarships to enable them to pursue careers in the Motion Picture and Television industry. Scholarships will be awarded in other areas so our youth can pursue their dreams of becoming successful leaders in their communities. Getting students exposed and involved with real major motion picture studios on production sets, filming real films with the latest cameras that the industry if utilizing.

The future of our students in the art of theater and drama, recording of music, directing film, lighting, script writing, and much more . Collaboration with other foundations or non-profit organizations in the industry will give students an opportunity to work closely with entertainment corporations. We will create charities to fund motion picture films and television plots, that will be aired on television all over the country with students and successful celebrities. We also want to collaborate with universities that have Film and Television departments to access their large selection of career parser opportunities. This gives students the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

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